Corporate Social Responsibility

It has been the tradition of Thermo group companies to earmark a part of time, talents and profits to fulfill our social responsibilities. Our objective continues to be to extend to one in need, the support he/she needs for a better life. With the establishment, in the year 1987, of a charity foundation - Sri Ram Charitable Trust – our tryst with the needy got further cemented and the scope and volume of our charity work increased manifold. As a policy, all group companies contribute 10% of their annual profits to the foundation.


Details of various service activities initiated by the Foundation are given below.

I. Education

A Bovarian proverb says: “The future saviour of our country is sitting on a school bench.” Recognizing the same and committing our self to the cause of education, Sri Ram Charitable Trust founded in the year 2009 an educational institution - KGV Vidyalayam - at Ghattuppal village, about 80 kms from Hyderabad. Our objective is to extend to quality education to children from economically weak families. This institute extends education from kindergarten level to 10th standard and a Junior college for senior students in English and Telugu medium.

Our vision:
  To train children to imbibe noble qualities – truth, purity, unselfishness
  To create congenial conditions by which the thirst for acquisition of knowledge gets impetus and enables children to set a goal for life
  Apart from science and technology, curriculum includes fine arts, classics, and languages and cultural heritage
  Stress on physical health.

The strength of students and teaching staff at present is 600 and 32 respectively.

The foundation takes care of the entire investment needed for development of infrastructure and recurring expenses.

We are now in the fourth academic year and the progress has been more than our expectations. Gradually we aim to attain educational and other standards on par with the best in urban centers.
2. Health Care
Our stress is on both preventive and curative measures. Under preventive care we provide safe drinking water in rural areas, educate people on the importance of nutritious food and train youngsters to practice exercises for physical fitness. As a curative measure, we provide assistance for individual medical treatment in deserving cases and to groups through medical camps.
A. Safe drinking water in rural areas


  Fluoride level in drinking water in several villages in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh is far in excess of recommended safe levels. Many villagers have become victims of dental, skeletal and neurological deformities.
  To help such villagers, and prevent others from becoming victims of such deformities, the foundation has installed four water treatment plants in four affected villages.
  Up to the level of erection and commissioning the entire cost is borne by the Foundation and then handed over to a village committee to maintain.
  More than 20,000 villagers have benefitted under this project.
A defluoridation work installed by the foundation   Villagers collecting safe drinking water
B. Nutrition
  Most of the villagers now consume food items that do not adequately supplement calcium, magnesium and vitamin-C, hastening the crippling effects of fluoride. Malnutrition of adults and children is thus a major cause for the ill-health in villages.
  With the help of specialists from the National Institute of Nutrition, we have held camps in a few villages to educate villagers on the importance of nutrition.
  We propose to take up this activity more intensely to cover a group of about 15 villages and target select disease prone groups to improve their health.
  Proposed program involves trainings, awareness programs and continuous monitoring of selected groups for a period of about 2 years so that improvements gradually become visible and it becomes easy to replicate such programs in other villages.
C. Medical Treatment
  The Trust regularly conducts medical camps in fluoride affected villages in coordination with Government and private Hospitals.
  Medicines are supplied free to all deserving cases
  Every patient who requires surgery or other specialized treatment are admitted in Hospitals and cost of treatment is borne by the Foundation.
D. Eye Hospital Project at Jaisalmer
The foundation has partly financed the establishment of a charity Hospital at Jaisalmer for treatment of eye ailments.

3. Livelihood Training Programs

A. Public telephone centers to physically challenged :
B. Training in Computer literacy & Tailoring:
To enable unemployed youth acquire computer literacy, the foundation has started Computer Training Centers in urban slums and backward rural areas.

 Computer training classes in progress

The foundation has plans to start more computer training centers in rural areas. We also facilitate trained youth to get suitable employment.
The Trust is running a training center in Tailoring in a poor colony to enable women living there to become self-supporting.

Young women undergoing training in tailoring

4. Sishu Jyothi Kendras
These are centers where coaching classes are conducted in the evenings to guide and tutor children living in urban slums. These children are in the age group 6 - 13 from classes 1 to 8 and whose parents are mostly daily wage earners or domestic servants. We have so far established 10 centers in and around Hyderabad. Children are guided to complete their homework and revise their school lessons. The teacher also engages them in simple games, storytelling, group singing, etc. The teacher is paid an honorarium by the Trust. We propose to expand this activity to more areas.