Heat Tracing Systems

To maintain viscous fluids at elevated temperatures in pipelines, tanks, equipments etc for fuel oil handling in chemical, petrochemical, refineries, pharmaceuticals, food, edible oils and allied industries under hazardous / non-hazardous environment.


Components of Heat Tracing Systems

  Electrical/steam heat tracing systems
  Maintain temperatures up to 200 C for intricate piping networks within the plant and for long lines up to a few kilometers
  Various types of Electrical Heat Tracers: Polymer based and Mineral Insulated Heat tracers and Constant wattage (Series/Parallel) types and Self Regulating type.
  Thermal Insulation Mineral Wool/PIC/PUF etc and Al/GS/SS Cladding as protection.
  Control & Monitoring Using thermostatic, ON/OFF & regulating control valves for steam heat tracing; Electronic controllers and Thermostat / RTD / Thermo Couples with heat tracing panels for electrical heat tracing; Cabling as required
  Electrical Heat Tracers approved by statutory bodies like CCOE in India, ATEX and FM/CSA Approvals for use in Hazardous areas.