Miscellaneous tanks

Miscellaneous Tanks include large Fixed/Floating roof tanks (External and Internal) for storage of Petroleum products, Fixed roof tanks for storage of Condensate, De Mineralized water, Fire / Service Water tanks for various industries.


Various types of tanks are:


External Floating Roof Tank consists of a cylindrical steel shell equipped with a roof that floats on the surface of the stored liquid.


Internal Floating Roof Tank has both a permanent fixed roof and a floating deck.


Domed External Floating Roof Tank is typically an external floating roof tank that has been retrofit with a domed fixed roof.


Vertical Fixed Roof Tank consists of cylindrical steel shells with permanently affixed roofs which are either dome shaped or conical. Vertical fixed roof tank shells are usually constructed of steel.


Horizontal Fixed Roof Tank could be steel, steel with a fiberglass overlay, or fiberglass-reinforced polyester. These tanks are constructed for both above ground and Underground Storage, with the axis parallel to the foundation.