Fire Detection and Protection System

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Fire Detection and Protection System

To detect, prevent, extinguish, confine or block fires in enclosed spaces or open areas for all types of industries.

  • Hydrant System: is a fixed Fire Protection consisting of a large network of pipe spread over the entire plant , which feeds pressurized water to a number of discharge outlets.
  • Water Spray System: is a fixed pipe system connected to a reliable water supply and equipped with open spray nozzles for specific water discharge and impingement over the surface to be protected.
  • Sprinkler Systems: is a fixed pipe system connected to a reliable water supply and equipped with frangible bulb type sprinklers which will operate at set temperatures and discharge water over the fire affected area.
  • Foam System: is a fixed pipe system used for extinguishing fire in flammable liquid hazards by discharging foam over the liquid surface.
  • Gas (Inert Gas) based Fire extinguishing System: is a fixed system which extinguishes fire by displacing oxygen from the normal 21% to a level below 15% that will not support combustion.
  • Gas Monitoring System: detects presence of various toxic & flammable gases like Hydrogen, Ammonia, Carbon monoxide, Carbon-di-oxide, LPG, CNG etc. and provides instantaneous Audio/Visual alarms.
  • Microprocessor based Addressable/Conventional type Fire Detection & Alarm system: detects a fire at the incipient stage itself and provides warming Audio/Visual alarms instantaneously.
  • Portable/Mobile Fire Extinguishers: are essentially ‘First-Aid’ equipments meant for attacking small fires in their incipient stages thereby preventing propagation of fire.

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